Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stolen Spring Pleasures!!

As co-owner of a Garden and Landscaping business,I find myself inspired by the amazing shapes,textures and colours of nature on a daily basis. Today I saw a big bush full of the prettiest pink flowers and just stood there staring at it and enjoying the moment!! I decided to prolong this feeling of utter happiness and quickly snatched a few and shoved it into my over sized handbag.
A little later and on my way home,I opened my bag to sneak a peek and to my horror a "not-so-friendly" bee popped out!! Not to worry though...all drama queen moments were avoided due to my super fast assessment of the situation and even faster reflexes!! Yeah...right....I screamed like a maniac and bolted from the car!!
Anyway,my pretty flowers are looking gorgeous in my bedroom!!
Also enjoying right now: My fave "spring room"

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