Thursday, September 10, 2009

Uber-sleek versus Comfy-chic!!

Oooohh, I have been thinking about my bed all day long!! Could not get any sleep last night after my ex decided to call me really late and chat about his new girl and her pregnant state! So anyway, I was wondering what kind of a bedroom babe you are?? Would you prefer to get your beauty sleep in a super-sleek pad or would you rather enjoy your ultimate escape to dreamland in comfortable and chic bedroom??Think I'll choose this one when i take some super sexy hunk home!!
But for tonight I'll definately choose comfort!!


  1. Oh my goodness I adore those "Love" Pillowcases.

  2. Id prefer comfy chic! But the modern take is so nice aswell!!! Howveer I like the idea of a big cushiony doona(blanket... whichever you call it :P)! I wanty those LOVE pillowcases! I Saw 'Adam" and "Eve" ones the other day!!! How funny! xx


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